Our Donees

There are countless heroic organizations working to make a difference + leading the way to a world without childhood cancer. Yoga+ is committed to allocating the proceeds raised to nonprofit organizations who embody these values within their missions. Below are general criteria for the allocation of those funds, but specific organizations will be announced + listed here once the donations have officially been received.

Donating to Help Fund Research:

Cancer is not just one disease, it is many + differs case to case based on numerous factors. This difference becomes even more apparent when comparing adult cancers to pediatric. Unfortunately, pediatric oncology research is underfunded, leaving many children to be treated with therapeutics meant for adults.

We can do better. 

If you have a nonprofit organization you would like Yoga+ to support, let us know!

Donating to Help Fund Charitable Programming:

Cancer not only impacts a child's physical health, but also their mental, emotional, psychological, + spiritual well-being. All aspects of health need to be addressed, + community programming with children + their families is a great start at doing just that.