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Our Partner Non-Profits

Test Tubes

Pediatric Oncology Research

Cancer is not just one disease - it is many and differs case to case, based on a number of factors. The difference becomes even more apparent when comparing adult cancers to pediatric.


Unfortunately, pediatric oncology research is consistently underfunded and children more often than not suffer from "late effects" as a result of their diagnosis and treatment.

Kid's Playing Outdoor

Charitable Programming

Cancer not only impacts a child's physical health, but also their mental, emotional, psychological, + spiritual well-being.


All aspects of health need to be addressed. Community programming with children and their families is a great start to doing just that.

Yoga+ is committed to assisting non-profit organizations in our community who embody our values within their work. Above are general criteria for the allocation of funds to partnered non-profit organizations.

Have a non-profit organization in mind that you think fits our criteria?

the + is you.

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