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Why Childhood Cancer?


the + is you


why yoga?

when you take care of your own mind, body + soul, you are then better able to take care of others.

if you have done yoga before, you know it can be a truly wholistic + healing practice for more than just the physical body.

is to allow the impacts of our personal practice to go beyond our mats, + into the communities where its effects can be amplified.

our goal

be well, do good - make a difference. in that order.

you are capable of doing something great.

take this community + your practice within it as a reminder that

[no matter the cause] you hold the ability to do something great. something powerful.

something that can change lives for the better.

it begins with you.

where the + is you.

Yoga Pose Looking Up

yoga plus POWER

build heat + leave your mat feeling renewed + centered.

rooted in power vinyasa, these classes will push you physically while allowing you to drop inward.

Yoga Equipment


kicking it back to the basics.

explore fundamental poses + concepts of vinyasa yoga, so you feel confident in your flow.

Yoga Session

yoga plus FLOW

vinyasa yoga classes that range in

intensity + intention. take a look through the series + find what you need.


yoga plus MEDITATION

quiet the mind + give yourself permission to simply take what you need + let go of the rest.

you are capable of greatness.

take this community + your practice within it as a reminder that

[no matter what the cause] you have the ability to do make a difference.

it begins with you. always.

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