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What's New in the Yoga+ Community

Welcome to Yoga+ - a studio rooted in community + giving back.

You have made it to the first post in the Yoga+ News section where we keep you up to date on different things happening within our Yoga+ community, as well as some of the incredible things happening outside. Either way, there is a lot to be celebrated in this world + this is just one of the spots where we highlight as much of that as we can.

I challenge you to think of a way you can positively impact someone, or something, in your life today. What is something that will make you proud of? Greatness begins + ends with you and where you direct your efforts. At Yoga+, the + is you.

What is your +?

*If you wish to highlight something special happening within your community, contact us through email ( so we can spread the love + positivity.

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